Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Magical Wand - My Painting Brush

I wanted to give life for trees, colors for leaves,
Wanted to make the world beautiful.

Wandered all around my place,
To look out for the hidden secret,
Found a magical wand,
Hidden in a bag of cloth.

Took it out and asked,
"Where were you out of my sight these days?",
Puzzled by the response,
" I was here but you couldn't find me these days"

I held it, kissed it and hugged it,
For coming back in my life.
For it was the one who was always with me,
Inspiring and encouraging the very purpose of me...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Munjane hotnalli ondu blogpost..

@7.53am                                                                           18/06/'16

It's been past one and a half hour that I am jumping from one blog to another. Blog from an entrepreneur Adii Pienaar to an engineer srinidhi's prapancha to blog on book review to many which I dont recall but bookmarked the favourite ones carefully for future reference to finally Times of India epaper.

Writing is all about perspective I would say. The things that matter most to people. For some, it's business that matters most. But for some, it's relationship. For few, providing reviews of the books, whereas for few, it's about the trending technologies. But the fact is all are oriented towards a common goal - "penning down".

Writing their perception, ideas, thought process of whatever they are passionate about is all that it makes.

But one post grabbed my interest. It's by founder and ex-ceo of Woo themes - "writing for myself".

I force myself to communicate what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling. So especially on those days where everything just feels like a confused struggle, writing allows me to give some structure to that chaos.
And with structure comes clarity.
Writing for myself is like sitting with a therapist and just spilling some guts. The therapist doesn't say anything in return; they just sit, listen and allow me to try make sense of my world.

It time travelled my thoughts back to the days where once I would have soft copies of my journal to the times when I started penning down my thoughts in the notepads.

In fact, his words are true. I would write not to impress anyone. But just to know myself, have clarity on the things going around me, the changes within myself. I believe there is nothing wrong in knowing ourselves and the changes around us. Don't you agree?

Thanks to all the writers, who keep the writing spirit high though in various languages, providing a new angle to think!!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

One evening near the window on Summer day !!

@5.40pm                                                15/05/'16

Probably as my usual habit, I would take a pen and a notepad to start penning down my thoughts. But thanks to technology which has made the things bit easier than before.

I have heard and read of people sitting near windows or in the attic during summer days and doing their pastime or something which interests them which might be reading books, painting, watching the distant sites, playing with kids, etc etc..
Well, though it is summer days, I don't have vacation as I would have had in schools and colleges. I wish I would have one this time.

Wishes apart, I was going through the chain of memories as I sat by the window during summer days this weekend, watching my sister lying on the bed, fan running at its maximum speed, looking at the maximum possible distant object I could glimpse at.
Memories rolled down through my eyes, how I came to Bangalore and my stay here, the people i met, the steps I took to continue my career, the best and the worst lessons that the city taught me!!

But somewhere at the corner of my heart, I still wonder and ask in astonishment, why do I like this city? What is making me to be at peace though I have no kith and kin known to me in this unknown place?

It's like I am a known constant among the unknown variables. Probably, it might be the love,respect and support from friends and beloved family though they are at far off distance from me makes me strong and stay at peace here Or is it for the reason that I love the people around me? The reason is still an unknown discovery to me.

There is a saying which goes as below,
"Family isn't always the blood. It's the people in your life who wants you in their's. The one who accepts you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what!"

The amount of love and support I have received from my friends wherever I am staying, though few have turned out to be strangers when I needed them the most, leaving them aside, has made me call them as my another FAMILY in Bangalore.

I sometimes, recollect the words from the movie "English Vinglish"-

"Meera ... Kevin ... This marriage is a beautiful thing. It is the most special friendship of two people who are equal.

Life is a long journey. Meera, sometimes you will feel you are less.Kevin, sometimes you will also feel you are less than Meera. Try to help each other to feel equal. It will be nice.

Sometimes married couples don't even know how the other is feeling. So ... how will they help the other? Does it mean the marriage is finished? No. That is the time you have to help yourself.

Nobody can help you better than you. If you do that, you will return back feeling equal. Your friendship will return back. Your life will be beautiful.

Meera ... Kevin ... maybe you're very busy but have [a] family ... son ... daughter. In this big world [it is] your small little world. It will make you feel so good.

Family ... family can never be ... never be ... never be judgmental. Family will never put you down, will never make you feel small. Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses. Family is the only place where you will always get love and respect."

Though the former part is irrelevant to my context, but the later part is all about it!!

Thanks Bengaluru for introducing me to, and giving me another FAMILY here !! Hope my "Bangalore Days" go well till I am here.!!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Ahaaaa Kudremukha !!


It all started around 9.30pm when I called one of my friends saying I had decided to join for the trip, whatever and whoever might be the reason behind my decision.

It was at the eleventh hour when I started packing up. So I could just pull out whatever I could see and get in my hands from my wardrobe and wrap up and get set ready go….all the way to one of the trekking spots, Kudremukha.

At 6.30 in the morning, when we stepped at the foot of Kudremukha which is usually called as Tirumala Guppe, not sure though, I did not have a pinch of idea how the forest was, where and how we had to trek, where we were staying, where we were heading to. Blindly, I had to shift to another jeep where we had to travel for another 10 km up the hill to reach our exact destination.

Though the way was not severely curvy but it was pathetic for the vehicles to travel. But the sight outside the window would give pleasure to eyes. The drivers are very expert here. Tall trees, green paddy fields, small streams and, here and there countable huts, and not to miss, huge mountains which stood as walls at the boundaries. Finally after one hour of this inevitable journey, we reached the cottage where we were supposed to stay for almost next 24 hours with the least facilities amidst the giant mountains, completely isolated from the hotchpotch of urban life. It was then I remembered the liner, “Life begins when we come out of our comfort zone”. Well said.

Filled stomach, headphones placed, music turned on, I was all set for trekking with my buddies. It was after another 500 meters distance from our stay where the procedures of trekking under forest department got over. Once again we were excited at the sight of green mountains around us.

We had a guide and his 8 years old son to take us through the way to reach the top of the mountain. The trek began around 10.30 am. It was so exciting to be in between the tall grass and plants which had grown till my shoulders, in between the bushes where the soil was hardly visible. We encountered almost around 10 – 15 streams where we took series of selfies, groupies, especially one of my friends' selfies were countless with his new goggles and hairstyle(guess about whom I am talking of :p). Fortunately, the population of leech was very low near water bodies.

The trek was more of like walking up and down the hill, plain lands, rock climbing for certain distance, steep hill climbing for almost 1800-1900 meters. This was the adventurous journey for all of us. But once we reached the below spot, it seemed priceless and wordless. The view was mesmerizing.

I had to stop after walking for another 2 km as I was completely exhausted and did not want to take a risk. To accompany me, I had Mohan, Bilen and Suva Kalyan. Rest of my daring buddies went up the hill and continued to reach the summit. Really appreciated their stamina.

It was always my dream that I had to be in a mountain or a place where clouds could walk through me and I could feel them. This would come true only if I would have continued my journey till the summit. But luckily, while returning from where we had reached, the clouds started covering us, the sun started disappearing, the cool breeze began to blow, giving a sense of satisfaction and joy. That moment was Ahaaaa!!. We stood there for sometime to enjoy and feel the nature. It seemed like I was walking in the garden of nature where no one to restrict, no one to hold, free from all worries and constraints.

Bilen, you missed the “Bear” in the opposite mountain though, but did not miss the "Giant Squirrel". The conversation from office to friends to rose to hairstyle to provoking animals to silly things to my muscle cramps to so on,… was cool buddy. Thanks for your help during my return journey at times. Mohan, less talkative, come with your girl here :p(if you are married by then). Finally reached the cottage at 6.30 pm.

Looking at the demography of that place, people hardly have countable facilities, networks, power, roads. Hope our government provides proper basic facilities to the people here in the future days.

Words are very less to express whatever I experienced. As the saying goes, “Experiences can only be experienced not expressed”.  It was indeed an adventurous day out in jungle and man vs wild feeling. Altogether it was a breathtaking trekking.!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

At 9.49pm at the Bus Stop

@9.49pm                                                                                                                  12/06/2015

Its 9.49pm. Reached almost one hour early to the Bus Stop. One most interesting thing every time I could notice here is so many people from different backgrounds, ethics,..etc waiting for bus. Among them, I would get the chance to see so many newly married couples from various backgrounds.

But one thing which is common among them is love, care, warmth between each other. Especially, All the above mentioned attitudes of a man towards his lady.

I would get to see even the smallest of small things a guy do for his girl.
It Might be asking her if she wants to have something,might be asking her if she wants to sit, might be asking if she is tired of waiting for the bus, asking her to drink something or asking if she wants to freshen up. I would get to see all these tiny dtails.

I always believe that if we are ready to learn, even the flower teaches us so many things. As far as people around us is concerned, we learn a lot if we observe the ongoing around us with an eagle's eye.

"Nature is a good teacher" you know.

Technically speaking, it is just the chunk of code that I have analysed. It takes lot of time to analyse the whole program.

If all these are about the crazy guy who acts so responsible, yet another situation to look at is the cuteness of a responsible girl, who tries playing around the guy's arms, shoulders tactfully.She would be like a small innocent girl who grabs his attention towards her.

One more strange experience at in the meantime is with another couple sitting besides me in their almost 18 to 20 years of married life(Its just a wild guess though) who stayed quiet no matter what.
I was wondering and questioning myself. Is this married life all about? Does the love between an husband and a wife reduces as days go?If so what is the reason for it? Is it because they are used to each other? or any specific reasons? Lots of random questions arose amidst the crowd.

But I got an answer couple of minutes later observing the same couple that
"Love between an husband and a wife never ends no matter how old the relationship is.".It was not like the first couples which I mentioned earlier though. At least somewhere in the corner of the heart, there will be a hidden seed which would be growing to yield the fruit.

For a moment there might be less talks. But then I realized, as we grow, family grows, like wise the responsibilities like wise the talks also change.

How is the relationship between an Husband and a Wife be described as? Should I call it cute, innocent, responsible, valuable,..etc?

So, still I remained in dilemma, does the meaning of a relationship between an husband and a wife change as time changes?

Sunday, 21 June 2015


A chunk of words from my diary - 2 :

@8.52pm                                                                        01/01/2015

New year, New hopes, New dreams and New life. Bit inspired by the articles and blogs posted by Trivandrum ILP centre Head, Damodhar Padhi with the title "Monday Morning Trivia", "Why new year resolution fails?", is all about I am talking of.

He has shared his own experiences in it where he states why the new year resolution fails. When a person sets up the new resolution, often he starts working on it for the sake of fulfilling it which fades away as days go on.But he emphasizes that instead of taking the change/habit as resolution, take one good habit at a time and try to cultivate it till we become addicted to it and with an added benefit of getting rid of bad/unwanted habits.

In short, he insists on "CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT", this is how I took his experience as.

Yes, everyone will have a list of good habits which we want to cultivate within ourselves which might include being more optimistic, concentrate more towards family, being more motivated,mastering in dance, singing.etc; I believe if we make home for all these at specific point of time which needs will power and patience, the habit of "Constructive Development" will be achieved. Its never late to start anything new and good.

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it" - Paulo Coelho
I would like to keep the same name for this blog as yours.Thanks Mr. Padhi for your wonderful posts till date.


Thursday, 11 June 2015


A chunk of words from my diary - 1:

@7:58pm                                                                                                                                08/12/2013

FIRST DAY at room no. 123, Executive Hostel, Trivandrum also called as "Kenton Leisure".

Kenton Leisure, Trivandrum

Sitting in the room no. 123 allotted for me by TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED in executive hostel at Techno park,in Trivandrum. Mom and Dad waved their wishes and byes. Dropping them to bus stand and writing here is a bit strange feeling.

After a long journey of 22 years with them, it’s the first ever time that I am staying away from my loving family. Since my school and colleges were near to my place i.e. Harihar and Davangere, it was easy to complete my education at my hometown. But COMPANIES’ and JOBS don’t compromise on these things whether we are far away from our hometown,


Yes right now I have wishes from my friends. oh sorry I forgot to mention huge amount of blessings and guidance showering on me from my mom and dad J. Hope all their wishes and blessings shall be forever on me.

It’s a point and a circumstance to think and act wisely. No one to care, no one to advice, no one to guide, no one to feed (especially for me at the eleventh hour), no one to talk to properly,… uff how many ”no ones” should I count still? Yes its not a kidding part, it has to be considered seriously. Because I should be a mentor, guide, care taker, decision maker, talker, ..etc to myself.

It’s my first day to office tomorrow. I have made up my mind that I should be "A very good techie", learning quickly as fast as possible, and the qualities required to be. From tomorrow, it is not A LIFE OF PIE instead it is A LIFE OF TECHIE.