Sunday, 21 June 2015


A chunk of words from my diary - 2 :

@8.52pm                                                                        01/01/2015

New year, New hopes, New dreams and New life. Bit inspired by the articles and blogs posted by Trivandrum ILP centre Head, Damodhar Padhi with the title "Monday Morning Trivia", "Why new year resolution fails?", is all about I am talking of.

He has shared his own experiences in it where he states why the new year resolution fails. When a person sets up the new resolution, often he starts working on it for the sake of fulfilling it which fades away as days go on.But he emphasizes that instead of taking the change/habit as resolution, take one good habit at a time and try to cultivate it till we become addicted to it and with an added benefit of getting rid of bad/unwanted habits.

In short, he insists on "CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT", this is how I took his experience as.

Yes, everyone will have a list of good habits which we want to cultivate within ourselves which might include being more optimistic, concentrate more towards family, being more motivated,mastering in dance, singing.etc; I believe if we make home for all these at specific point of time which needs will power and patience, the habit of "Constructive Development" will be achieved. Its never late to start anything new and good.

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it" - Paulo Coelho
I would like to keep the same name for this blog as yours.Thanks Mr. Padhi for your wonderful posts till date.


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