Wednesday, 29 July 2015

At 9.49pm at the Bus Stop

@9.49pm                                                                                                                  12/06/2015

Its 9.49pm. Reached almost one hour early to the Bus Stop. One most interesting thing every time I could notice here is so many people from different backgrounds, ethics,..etc waiting for bus. Among them, I would get the chance to see so many newly married couples from various backgrounds.

But one thing which is common among them is love, care, warmth between each other. Especially, All the above mentioned attitudes of a man towards his lady.

I would get to see even the smallest of small things a guy do for his girl.
It Might be asking her if she wants to have something,might be asking her if she wants to sit, might be asking if she is tired of waiting for the bus, asking her to drink something or asking if she wants to freshen up. I would get to see all these tiny dtails.

I always believe that if we are ready to learn, even the flower teaches us so many things. As far as people around us is concerned, we learn a lot if we observe the ongoing around us with an eagle's eye.

"Nature is a good teacher" you know.

Technically speaking, it is just the chunk of code that I have analysed. It takes lot of time to analyse the whole program.

If all these are about the crazy guy who acts so responsible, yet another situation to look at is the cuteness of a responsible girl, who tries playing around the guy's arms, shoulders tactfully.She would be like a small innocent girl who grabs his attention towards her.

One more strange experience at in the meantime is with another couple sitting besides me in their almost 18 to 20 years of married life(Its just a wild guess though) who stayed quiet no matter what.
I was wondering and questioning myself. Is this married life all about? Does the love between an husband and a wife reduces as days go?If so what is the reason for it? Is it because they are used to each other? or any specific reasons? Lots of random questions arose amidst the crowd.

But I got an answer couple of minutes later observing the same couple that
"Love between an husband and a wife never ends no matter how old the relationship is.".It was not like the first couples which I mentioned earlier though. At least somewhere in the corner of the heart, there will be a hidden seed which would be growing to yield the fruit.

For a moment there might be less talks. But then I realized, as we grow, family grows, like wise the responsibilities like wise the talks also change.

How is the relationship between an Husband and a Wife be described as? Should I call it cute, innocent, responsible, valuable,..etc?

So, still I remained in dilemma, does the meaning of a relationship between an husband and a wife change as time changes?


  1. Nice blog. To get answer to ur question, get married soon 😊 now to answer u from my standpoint, love is not measured in days, activities, time u spend with or words you talk to with. It's all about a selfless giving and not expecting back.

  2. Good script, but all ur queries get married soon with loved one