Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Munjane hotnalli ondu blogpost..

@7.53am                                                                           18/06/'16

It's been past one and a half hour that I am jumping from one blog to another. Blog from an entrepreneur Adii Pienaar to an engineer srinidhi's prapancha to blog on book review to many which I dont recall but bookmarked the favourite ones carefully for future reference to finally Times of India epaper.

Writing is all about perspective I would say. The things that matter most to people. For some, it's business that matters most. But for some, it's relationship. For few, providing reviews of the books, whereas for few, it's about the trending technologies. But the fact is all are oriented towards a common goal - "penning down".

Writing their perception, ideas, thought process of whatever they are passionate about is all that it makes.

But one post grabbed my interest. It's by founder and ex-ceo of Woo themes - "writing for myself".

I force myself to communicate what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling. So especially on those days where everything just feels like a confused struggle, writing allows me to give some structure to that chaos.
And with structure comes clarity.
Writing for myself is like sitting with a therapist and just spilling some guts. The therapist doesn't say anything in return; they just sit, listen and allow me to try make sense of my world.

It time travelled my thoughts back to the days where once I would have soft copies of my journal to the times when I started penning down my thoughts in the notepads.

In fact, his words are true. I would write not to impress anyone. But just to know myself, have clarity on the things going around me, the changes within myself. I believe there is nothing wrong in knowing ourselves and the changes around us. Don't you agree?

Thanks to all the writers, who keep the writing spirit high though in various languages, providing a new angle to think!!